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Race Timing Services – Run To Succeed

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Race timing servicesWhat makes Run To Succeed’s race timing services different than the competition? If you are looking to jump on board with one of the fastest growing fundraising activities in the country by hosting a 5K race, then chances are you are going to need a race timer. Booking a race timing service can be one of the biggest challenges for a race director, especially a first time race director.

Despite a recent movement away from timed races to non-timed events, most runners still value accurate timing. When runners invest their valuable time into training, they expect to be rewarded with an accurate race finishing result.

What criteria should you be looking for in a race timing service?

Race timing expense, experience of the timers, geographical location, and the timing hardware and software used are all important factors to consider when making your decision. We at Run To Succeed understand the value of every charitable dollar earned, therefore, we offer competitive pricing at a high level of service. Our timing services are readily available for anything from a 1 mile fun run to a marathon or greater and we are willing to travel to any destination to meet your needs.

Why Run To Succeed is the premier race management and timing company in Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri.

All of Run To Succeed’s race timers are experienced professionals bringing a professional approach to your event. Our timers will respond to your emails and phone calls in a timely manner, show up to your event on time, provide a first class service, and answer any questions you may have. Whether you choose our standard method of timing or state of the art RFID chip timing, your event will be timed using professional race timing hardware and software. All of our trained timers have a background in competitive running and also act as a cheerleader for the participants providing that extra motivation often needed near the race conclusion. 

All of Run To Succeed’s race timing services include live results posted during the race on a 40″ LED monitor, an electronic list of finish results (generated by age, gender, category, etc.) provided on site, and an electronic copy of finish results provided afterwards to be distributed as the race director chooses. Run To Succeed’s race timing services include setting up a finish line when requested at no additional expense. Our race timing professionals will stay after the race is completed throughout the award presentation. In the rare event that a flaw is detected in the timing results, the timer is available to address the situation. Our race timing services include promoting your event on the Run To Succeed event calendar and we will post your race on the “Running in the USA” event calendar.

More than a timing company.

Run To Succeed offers many other services in addition to or stand alone from our race timing services. Our race management services include course design, course security, development of event budget, race marketing, race bibs, shirt design, medal design, online registration setup, race day check in, same day registration, race photography, and volunteer training.  More details on these features may be found by visiting the Race Management page of our website.

Doesn’t matter if you plan to host a 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, or more, Run To Succeed has you covered. Don’t just take our word for it. Run in one of our hosted events or speak to someone who has utilized our services in the past. I am confident you will be our next satisfied client. Here is what Maci Hutson with the Hip Hop 5K had to say, “Tim with Run To Succeed was an excellent person to work with. Since this was my first time hosting a 5K, I had a million questions, concerns and random emails that he answered fully and promptly, every single time. I plan on holding next year’s event with Run To Succeed again because they were such a great company to work with.”

Next time you are in the market for race timing services, consider Run To Succeed’s race management and timing services. We are a professional company guaranteed to meet all of your race management and timing needs.

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Booking A Race Timer – Run To Succeed

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LCDDisplayScreensFinishLineWhat are your criteria for booking a race timer?  Booking a race timing service can be one of the biggest challenges for a race director, especially the first time race director.  Where do you look?  How much does it cost?  Should I use chip timing?  Are they already booked?  Those are just a few of the many questions I have been asked and hope to answer in this article.

When choosing a race timing company or individual, you certainly want professional service.  Professional service is someone who responds to your emails and phone calls in a timely manner, shows up to the event on time, and acts as a cheerleader as runners cross the finish line.

Most timing companies provide a finish line with their timing service.  This is one less stress a race director needs to worry about.  Whether it’s a corral chute or chutes, inflatable finish line, or framed style like pictured, a good timing company will provide the finish line for you.

Is it imperative that the race timing company provide you with a list of electronic results?  I believe so!  If the race director provided the timing company with a list of race registrants prior to the race, then the participants should already be in the database of whichever software system the timer is using.  Adding same day registrants is a small chore.  Providing an electronic version of the results allows the race director to provide those results online via their website or social media page.

A professional race timing company will also stay after the race is completed throughout the award presentation.  In the rare event that a flaw is detected in the timing results, the timer is available to address the situation.  Unfortunately, I have seen this occur and the timer had already made his money and fled.

Race timing services can usually be found through internet searching.  Also, talk to other race directors and find out who they use and if the service was acceptable.  If you’ve recently ran a 5K, 10K, or other race, pay attention to who times the race and what kind of job they did.  Maybe get a business contact from them during the event.

The cost of race timing varies from event to event and by geographical location.  How busy the company is can also dictate the price charged to the customer.  You want to book a timing company early.  Depending on the size of the company, they may only be able to handle one job per day and others multiple, but 5K event fundraisers have grown in popularity and companies get fully booked early.  Standard clock and bib timing is usually considerably less expensive than chip timing.

As a race director, you have to decide if the additional cost is worth it.  In my experience, chip timing is usually not worth the expense unless you have a large number of finishing runners.  When I say “large,” I’m referring to over 200 runners.

Next time you are in the market for race timing services, consider Run To Succeed’s event timing.  We are a professional company that will meet all of the needs mentioned here.  RTS currently serves Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, Southeast Missouri, and beyond.  All of our timing services include a printed list of results on site and an electronic list to be distributed in any manner you wish.  Timing packages start as low as $150.00.  Of course, the finish line is on us!







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