Grand Slam Challenge Rules

Grand-SlamGrand Slam Challenge Rules


You successfully complete the Run To Succeed Grand Slam Challenge by completing the grand slam of running (5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, & Marathon) within 12 months of your registration date.  

Double Play (2 of the 4) and Triple Play (3 of the 4) Challenge options are also available.


The races you complete are to be logged on the Grand Slam Challenge Login form.  Please log the race name, race distance, race location, and the date the race was completed. We need all of the information so verification can be made if necessary.

If you successfully complete your goal that you signed up for, you will be awarded with the prizes listed on the Grand Slam Challenge Overview page of this website. Doesn’t matter which challenge you register for, we will adjust accordingly if you complete a separate challenge than the one you initially registered for. 


Registration fees for the Grand Slam, Triple Play, and Double Play Challenges are non-refundable.


Run To Succeed Grand Slam Challenge Liability Waiver

Inherent in any exercise program is the risk of injury through improper use of equipment, environmental factors, or imprudent exercise beyond your capacity.  Since many individuals are unaware of the state of their physical health, it is recommended that you consult your physician before engaging in any activities.

By joining the Run To Succeed Grand Slam Challenge, Triple Play Challenge, and/or Double Play Challenge, you acknowledge the existence of the risks connected with the activities you will partake in while attempting to achieve your goal.  You agree to assume such risks and agree to accept sole responsibility for any injuries sustained and hold harmless the administrators and employees of Run To Succeed, LLC, all sponsors, charities, and the Grand Slam Challenge.

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