Grand Slam Challenge FAQ

Grand-SlamGrand Slam Challenge Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  What is the Grand Slam Challenge and how do I complete it?

Answer:  You complete the Grand Slam of running by competing in and finishing a 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, and Marathon within 12 months of registering for the challenge.


Question:  If I compete in a race of a greater distance than a 5K, but a lesser distance than a 10K, does it count as my 5K?

Answer:  Yes.  The same rule applies across the board with all four race distances.


Question:  If I run any of the distances on my own time without competing in a race (5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon, etc..), do those miles count towards my goal?

Answer:  No. It must be in an organized race format. 


Question:  Is there a T-shirt included with my registration?

Answer:  No.  Not with the Run To Succeed Grand Slam Challenge.  Every participant that registers and completes the Challenge that they signed up for within 12 months is guaranteed the prizes associated with that challenge.


Question:  If I register for the Grand Slam Challenge, but only complete the Double Play or Triple Play, what happens?

Answer:  You will be awarded the prizes of whichever challenge you complete regardless of the challenge you initially registered for.  If you complete the Grand Slam, but only registered for the Double Play or the Triple Play, you will only be required to pay the difference in the challenge entry fees before receiving the awards for completion.


Question:  Do I get a refund of my registration fee if I am unable to complete the challenge I signed up for?

Answer:  No.  There will be no refunds given.

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