500 Mile Challenge Mileage Login

500 Mile Challenge500 Mile Challenge Mileage Login


Haven’t registered for the 500 Mile Challenge yet?  Make sure you register first!  This is the page where you access and log in your mileage obtained. You may enter your miles per exercise or feel free to total them up every week or month and make one entry for time convenience.  

*** Beginning May 2017, we have changed the way miles are entered. The login form is no longer in use. With the amount of Fitness Challenge participants we have, it has became increasingly difficult for us to manually make the mileage entries. We also wanted each of our participants to be able to keep track of their own totals anytime they want as opposed to us sending the totals each month. We are now using Google Drive to track mileage, therefore, granting all of our participants their own individual access to the mileage entry page. Each active participant has been emailed a link to their own individual page. If you have not received this information, please email Michelle@runtosucceed.com or Mariah@runtosucceed.com and let us know.

Run To Succeed staff will continuously monitor your progress. We truly hope this simplifies the process and makes it a little more user friendly for all. We at Run To Succeed believe the running community is made up of ethical individuals. You are on the honor system here.

Log your miles by clicking here


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