1000 Mile Challenge Rules

1000 Mile ChallengeChallenge Rules

You successfully complete the 1,000 Mile Challenge by covering 1,000 miles in a 365 day period beginning the date you register and ending 12 months later.

The miles may be completed using the following modes of exercise:

Running / Jogging / Walking / Hiking

Acceptable forms of exercise include: outdoor track, indoor track, treadmill, elliptical. You might consider using a gps unit or pedometer to help keep track of your distance.


The miles you complete are to be logged on the 1,000 Mile Challenge form that we send you.  You can log your miles on the day you complete them or make weekly or monthly entries for convenience of time.  The Run To Succeed team frequently monitors your progress, therefore, it is important to maintain good records of your completed miles in order for us to receive an accurate report.

If you successfully complete 1,000 miles within 12 months of registering, you will receive a 1,000 Mile Challenge t-shirt and custom 1,000 Mile Challenge engraved plaque.


Registration fees are non-refundable


1,000 Mile Challenge Liability Waiver

Inherent in any exercise program is the risk of injury through improper use of equipment, environmental factors, or imprudent exercise beyond your capacity. Since many individuals are unaware of the state of their physical health, it is recommended that you consult your physician before engaging in any activities.

By joining the 1,000 Mile Challenge, you acknowledge the existence of the risks connected with the activities you will partake in while attempting to achieve your mileage goal. You agree to assume such risks and agree to accept sole responsibility for any injuries sustained and hold harmless the administrators and employees of Run To Succeed, LLC, all sponsors, charities, and the 1,000 Mile Challenge.

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